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Three reasons why unified monitoring improves your business infrastructure.

1 Keep Your Infrastructure Strong
Zenoss monitors your network, applications, databases, virtualization, storage, security and servers. With all of your device monitoring in a single place, you can provide the service reliability your customers deserve.
Unified Monitoring
Resource Management
Infinite Expandability
Event Management
2 We're All About the Uptime
The Zenoss platform was designed to find server and infrastructure problems before your business and users are impacted. You define the policies, and Zenoss goes to work by monitoring your data faster than ever before.
Impact Analytics
Confidence Ranking
Notification Integration
Process Remediation
3 Your Team Craves Speed
Empower your team in a collaborative work environment. No more juggling dozens of tools – there's just one place for your infrastructure management. Zenoss provides your DevOps and IT Ops teams with the agility they need.
Zenpacks - Endless Extensibility
Engaged Community
Full-service Support
Custom Integrations
Integrations for every need
With 800+ existing integrations, and an open API to create whatever you need.
Integrates with Docker, AWS, Linux, Microsoft Azure, Cisco, Juniper Devices, PostgreSQL, VMware, Oracle, Python, XenServer, and many more.

How Zenoss Gets the Job Done

  • + Easily Configurable and Highly Extensible

    There are over 800 Zenpack connectors covering 80% of the known devices currently in use today which means it is possible to collect the required data from the early stages of implementation. It is also possible to extend the functionality of existing ZenPacks, or build new ones using our Open Source zenpacklib library.

  • + Lower Time to Repair

    Zenoss makes IT Operations more efficient by integrating events, faults, errors, and alerts from every system and every source into a single pane of glass. This centralized view delivers complete visibility into all system-wide events, as well as prioritized recommendations to make dealing with errors, events, and faults more efficient throughout the day.

  • + Massive Scalability, Agentless and Hadoop

    Zenoss is capable of managing 100,000+ devices at single second polling frequencies which means it is capable of 60 million data points per minute (10 data points per device). This is achieved by using the latest technologies i.e. Docker Containers for application management, Hbase and OpenTSDB storage systems, and distributed collectors. The solution is also agentless which reduces the “footprint” on the device and the ongoing burden of having to constantly update agents.

  • + Great Reporting and Analytics

    Zenoss provides actionable business intelligence from a combination of the data created by our Impact modelling feature and our Analytics report generator. Reports can be distributed in multiple formats, posted to user portals, or used to enhance accurate capacity planning.

  • + Trusted with High Customer Satisfaction Rating

    Trusted by IT visionaries and used universally by industry leaders such as Cisco, VMware, Rackspace, BP, and the BBC. Zenoss has an extensive Community of more than 35,000 users worldwide to draw expertise and usable knowledge from. CSAT ratings are one of the highest in the industry (4 ½ stars on Sourceforge), and “Customers for Life” is a core Zenoss value”

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